Wednesday, August 12, 1987

IBM Placement Year

I spent my placement year from Plymouth Poly at IBM.  Hanging out at lunchtime...Paul Kay, Chris Homer, me and Simon..
My department..
Lunchtime wander round the lake...Simon..

Saturday, July 25, 1987


Parascending behind a landrover on Thorney Island..
Done it..

Saturday, June 20, 1987

Juliet's Wedding

Juliet a and the mob...Jimmer, Scott, Darren, Mike, Les, Nigel, Stuart, Philler, Neal...
I think this is a Burtons advert from 1987.  Spot me front and centre...

Saturday, June 13, 1987


That's me carving some waves down at Prinsted...
Jimmer.  Very colour coordinated!

Saturday, June 6, 1987

Heavy Sounds Band

Me.  Drummer.  Heavy Sounds Band.
Dave Dell and Jimmer doing Status Quo.  Where's Phil?

Saturday, May 23, 1987

North Wales - Venture Scouts

Early summer trip to North Wales with the Venture Scouts. Jimmer, Les, Mike, Darren and Neal.
Mike Barham balancing on the edge of a cliff...
Jimmer being a prune :-)
That's me on the way up Tryfan, I think...
Me, posing again...
Not sure what this is???
That's me do my Chris Bonnington bit...don't look down!

Venture Scouts in S Wales

Another Venture Scout trip to South Wales in the snow and the mist.  Here's Les and the lads at the top...I think!
Matt Horne, Jimmer and Les chucking Phil over the edge at Clifton Suspension Bridge.. 
Our place for the weekend...very nice too...
I introduced the lads to Maj Jong...

Wednesday, April 8, 1987

Andorra Ski Trip

My first ever ski trip. Andorra 1987.  No lessons.  No sun cream.  No idea.  Great laugh.  Here's Jimmer and Neal hacking down the late season piste.
Soaking up the rays...Les, Jimmer, Neal, Phil, Mike and Mark...
The combination of red hot Andorran sun and no sun cream made one very red Philler...
That's me and Mike on our first ever ski run...a Red!  We didn't stay up right for long.
Great fun and the start of many future ski and snowboard trips.

Saturday, January 10, 1987

Motor Snowboarding

Matt Horne, Mike Barham and me took my old MKI Escort up to Stoughton in the snow.  Here's Matt and me mucking about in the snow.
Mike 'Motor Boarding'