Thursday, June 23, 1988

Boringdon Hall

Plymouth Poly Computing & Informatics End of Course Dinner/Dance at Boringdon Hall
Paul Bick, Nicola, Chris Smith, Debbie Jolley, Stef Ward, Brian Mushens, Jeanette Quirk, Linda, Heath, June, Hugh Fahy, Richard Hawksworth, Rob Larsen, Julie Corpse, Chris Homer, Alex Mackman, Helen Baddock, Kate, Parminda, John Wilkinson, Neil Hughes, Martin Binns, Jon Gamlen, Amanda, Mark Kitcher, Gary Cregan, Ruth Ballam, Mel, Phil Coombe, John Melbourne, Ian Dennis, Jim Allen, Andy Moody, Zoe Davies, Mo, Robbie, Amanda, Valentine Tull, Martin Chatterton, Alan Holmes, Danny Fellows, Jo. 
The Golden Ticket...
Jo, Martin, Danny, Alex, Chris, Linda and Hugh.  This must be the smartest we EVER looked...
Jon and Parminda.
Kate, Richard and June.
Robbie and Zoe.
It's a melon!
Ian Dennis, Joobze and Homer.
Finally getting stuck into that melon...
Showing signs of a sunny day on the beach at Bigbury-on-sea...
Richard, Martin and June
Waiter Go Paul
Mo (from the Unity), Martin and Stef.
And to the Disco...Alex and Kate, Debbie and Ian.
Chris and Jeanette, Paul and Nicola..
Alex and Kate....
Great Times...   :-)

Monday, June 20, 1988

Last Exam - Plymouth Poly

Today was the last exam of our four year Computing and Informatics degree course at Plymouth Polytechnic.  Taking our seats for battle...
Filling in the front...
That's Rob and Pete Watson...
And then it was all over.....and we went down the beach  :-)
Mel, Alan, Richard, Joobze, Amanda, Chris, Kate, Gary, Jeanette, Homer, Ruth, Jo, Hugh, John, Stef, Martin, Alex, Helen and Debbie.

Saturday, May 21, 1988

Summer in Plymouth

Kate learns Val how to build a sand castle.
Hugh, Chris and Alex leaving for our last ever lecture at Plymouth Poly.
Martin.  Where is Simon Cowell when you need him?
Barns, June, Stef, Linda, Hugh and John.
In the unity again.  Hugh, John and Martin.
Dancing in the Unity...Linda, John, Paul, June, Barns and Me.
On Hugh's birthday in the Unity...
Stef Cocktail...

Saturday, April 23, 1988

Plymouth Summer 88

The all-conquering (ish) Computing and Informatics Football Team.  "The Fighting Fourth"  Back Row: Barnsley, Neil, Alex, Stef, John, Gary.  Front Row: Chris, Rob, Hugh, Danny, Big Mike.
Chris Homer
Lipson Road Meal/Party?   Mystery Girl, Homer, Hugh, Helen, Martin.
That's me before and after visiting the Zoe Davies Hair Salon...
Hugh after he had given up smoking...
Chris H in the GTB...
Vyvyan (nice herbs though)
Top of the range BBC Micro with Fellows Drum Machine...