Friday, March 28, 2008

Last Day Basketball

Today was the last day of term at the International School Seychelles. Selwyn had organised a basketball game against the students. That's me in the red shirt trying to stop a speedy 16 year old!
Despite most of the teachers not having played basketball since their own school days, we were winning.
Will it? Won't It? It didn't and the teachers won!
We celebrated with the traditional beer and pizza in the staff room after the game.

Tomorrow I fly back to the UK to see Karen and Lisa and hopefully see Pompey win the semi-final of the FA Cup! Play Up Pompey.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Back to the sun :-)

I flew back to the Seychelles alone today. I'll be flying back over to join Karen & Lisa next weekend. I'm also looking forward to a trip to Wembley to see Pompey play West Brom in the Semi-Final of the FA Cup....Come on you Blues!

And just to prove Air Seychelles do have planes with jet engines, this is the one that flew me over..
I went down to the beach for a swim this evening and treated myself to a couple of beers at the Coral Strand Hotel Beach Bar.
Score flash : Tottenham 2 v 0 Pompey Reserves

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Suited & Booted

I have a couple of job interviews while we're back. Probably the smartest you'll ever see me looking..

Monday, March 17, 2008

Brrrr It's Cold!!!

We are back in the UK and brrr it's cold. I think we have acclimatised to the Seychelles, because it feels really cold here! Luckily Nell donated one of her coats for Lisa. Here's Mum and Lisa going for a walk round the millpond.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Preggers UK!

Well, the big news is that Karen is pregnant! The baby is due on 1st Sept. Lisa wants to call it 'Cliff' after her favourite taxi driver!?!?!? It's great news, but it has meant a change in our plans for living in the Seychelles. We have decided to return permanently to the UK in the summer. So this week we are going back to England for a job interview (me) and a scan (Karen).

Here's Karen and Lisa waiting at the airport before flying back to England.
Here's Lisa checking out the plane that is going to fly us home.

Friday, March 14, 2008

After School

After school we stopped at Beau Vallon Beach. Here's Lisa playing on the sand.
I went for a swim and watched a pair of fairy terns flying above the takamaka trees.
Lisa drew some pictures in the sand. She's going through a spotty period.
We had a drink at the Al Mare and watched the sun go down. The sun is setting further and further round toward Silhouette Island. Cheers.
Then to the Baobab for a pizza.
Another sun sets over the Indian Ocean. What a great evening.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sissy is 5!

Lisa went to Sissy's 5th Birthday Beach Party today. There was lots of fun and games, although it was the food that most impressed Lisa. Like father like daughter. Here are the party girls. Sissy is the one with the very blond hair. Lisa is the one eating!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Computer Whizz

Ballet was cancelled today because it is the local half-term. The government schools in the Seychelles work to the southern hemisphere academic year, so their holidays are different from ours. Lisa came and hung out in my A-Level Computing class and showed my students a thing or two about how to play 'Teletubbies Snap'.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mothers Day

We went up to the Spice Garden to celebrate Mother's Day. They do a fantastic buffet on sunday with a variety of salads, currys and BBQ fish. Here's the resturant.
Lisa did some drawing while I finished my beer and Karen finished her citronelle tea.
They still grow all the spices that they use in the kitchen at the Spice Garden. As we walked round the gardens after our meal we came across a tray of strange beans drying in the sun. We thought they might be 'aliens from outer space' about to hatch.
Lisa getting a bit upside down.
On the way back we stopped at the beach at Anse Royale. Lisa played on the beach.
I went for a snorkel. Last time we came here (with Peter, Julia & Lily) there were no fish to be seen. This time there were loads. I saw my first White Moray (juvenille).
And I got buzzed by a rather aggressive and brilliantly colourful little Picasso Trigger fish. It was a great day. We were brought back to reality in the evening listening to Pompey getting beat by Everton.