Sunday, January 27, 2008

Anse Soleil

We had a drive down to the south of the island today, and went to a great little beach called Anse Soleil.
There is a resturant on the beach which is famous for it's seafood. Karen had the Grouper and I had the fish curry. Lisa had a bit of both.
After lunch me and Lisa needed a good stretch!
We slobbed out on the beach for the afternoon. There is some spectacular snorkelling just off the beach (discovered by Peter and Julia when they were here a few weeks ago.) The visibility was about 30 feet. We saw lots of fish and some nice corals.
I got a bit scared when I thought a trumpet fish was coming to attack me! It was pretty big, but apparently they only eat little fish. The kids at school thought it was hilarious that I was scared of a trumpet fish.
P.S. We listened to the end of the Liverpool vs Havant & Waterlooville game on the World Service last night. The local radio has also been going on about the game here, and miss-pronouncing Havant. It was fantastic that they went ahead twice. Great stuff. How about the Coalie in the 4th Round of the FA Cup next year?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

It has been pouring with rain for the last week. The rain has triggered landslides over the road to Beau Vallon and the playground at school seems to be permanently flooded.
I think we need to go umbrella shopping.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Panic at the Disco

Our lastest favourite band is 'Panic at the Disco'. I ripped a load of their tracks from my students ipods. They're great. Here is Lisa's 'Panic at the Disco' dance...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fairyland BBQ Buffet

It's been a very hectic week for us this week. At school my kids have been doing exams and Karen has been getting the library organised for the big move to the new building. I had a great game of football on thursday night and my worst round of golf since arriving in the Seychelles on friday.

So today we decided to chill out a bit and treat ourselves to the Fairyland Hotel Sunday BBQ Buffet. I went for a walk round the beach before lunch. This is the view back to the Fairyland Hotel.
The Guys waiting for the food to start.
The buffet is a Creole Style BBQ with lots of salad bits. And too much meat to eat!
Afterwards we chilled out on the beach in front of the hotel. Lisa met some of her friends from school. We chatted to the mums and dads. It turns out one of them manages the posh hotel on North Island, and one of the others owns a company that run sailing charters around the Seychelles :-)
A very nice afternoon out. Back to the grind tomorrow.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Last Supper

We had a final trip to the beach this afternoon for Peter, Julia & Lily's last day in the Seychelles. We all had a swim in the sea and the kids made a zoo on the beach!?! We came back up to the house and scoffed some chilli before putting the kids to bed and finishing off the Takamaka.

Peter and Julia and a last bottle of SeyBrew.
Lisa and Lily and a last bit of colouring.
Tomorrow morning Peter, Julia and Lily head back to England. It's been a great visit.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Island Hopping

Peter, Julia and Lily continued their island hopping adventures today with a trip over to Cerf Island. Cerf Island is in the St Anne Marine Park about 3 miles off the coast of Mahe. They are staying for one night and will be back tomorrow for their last night in the Seychelles before flying back to the UK.
Me and Karen and Lisa spent the day recovering from a hectic week at school. We had our dinner on the beach watching the sunset.
I've just been listening to the footy on the World Service. Harry Redknapp was being interviewed about his decision not to take the vacant Newcastle Manager's job. He said it was out of Loyalty to Pompey. More like he doesn't want to move to the frozen north, and then get sacked at the end of the season when Newcastle fail to get into Europe. Anyway, good news for Pompey.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

First Day Back

I have been back at work since monday (hence the lack of blogging!) but it was Lisa's first day back at school today. She has moved into Miss Janice's class in the new school building. It all went very well. Lisa thinks Miss Janice is the best thing since Vanilla Ice Cream! After school Karen and Lisa chilled out at home in front of some CBeebies...
Peter, Julia and Lily have gone down to the south of Mahe for a few of days. They are staying in the Beachcomber Hotel on a great little beach called Anse Soleil. It's alright for some!
This evenings sunset from our balcony.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Today we took a trip out to the island of Moyenne. This is the island owned by English eccentric and wannabe Robinson Crueso Brendon Grimshaw. Lily, Julia and Peter on the boat.
Lisa feeding the fish off the side of the boat. Bit like feeding the ducks on the millpond in Emsworth.
Karen snorkelling. Between us we saw a Turtle, a big shoal of Trumpet Fish, some great Brain Corals, loads of various Zebra and Parrot Fish, a big Bat Fish, a couple of Rays and loads more.Some of the fish over the reef. Mostly Zebra Fish, Moon Fish and Silver Ladies.
Arriving on Moyenne Island. We had a walk around the island and stayed for a BBQ lunch.
Me and Lisa at Island View Point.
Lisa with one of the many giant tortoises that roam free on the island. This is a baby one.
The last sunset of our Christmas Holiday. It's been a great three weeks. We are back to school tomorrow. Peter and Co. are here for another week on their hols.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Botanical Gardens

We went to the Botanical Gardens in Victoria today. Here's Lisa with a big Fan Palm.
Karen & Lisa by the pond at the Botanical Gardens.
The flower of the Cannonball Tree.
Karen and Lisa inspecting this female Coco de Mer tree planted by the Duke of Edinburgh (or HRH Edinburgh as the plaque says) in 1956. The Coco de Mer produces the largest nut in the world and this one has 77.
This evening we listened to Havant & Waterlooville draw 1 v 1 with Swansea in the FA Cup. It's a small world.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Chillin Out

We had a slow morning today. Here's Karen, Lisa and Lily reading some 'wake up' stories.
We went into town to get some veggies for dinner. We had some lunch at the Marina.
On the way back we stopped at the beach for a swim and spotted a Green Backed Heron.
This evening we ate at home for the first time since Christmas Day. Julia cooked up a veggie curry to go with the job fish curry which is still going.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Morne Blanc

Today the intrepid six set out to climb one of Mahe's highest peaks Morne Blanc (667m). It is basically a huge slab of granite...
The path wound it's way up through the forest. Here's Karen and Lisa taking a break.
This is the view from the top looking north towards Port Laurney and the nature reserve at Bay Ternay.The 'Manc Lads' enjoying the view looking south towards Anse La Mouche, and checking out the abundant White Tailed Tropic Birds.
On the way down. Lisa checking that Dolly is OK. She carried Dolly all the way up and down.
We went to Port Laurney for a welcome swim after our climb.
We stopped at the Pirate Arms for some dinner. Here's Lily, with her new watch, tucking into her fish fingers.
We retired to the house to eat ice-cream and mull over the days adventures.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Today we all did some work. I got down to a spot of marking at last...
Lisa did some ballet practise. Apparently this is fifth position.
Peter prepared the coconut milk for our Takamaka cocktails! Whack it again Peter..

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years Day

Peter was suffering after large scale Takamaka consumption last night, so was in no state to join us on a walk along to Anse Major. Here's Karen and Lisa on the trail.
Lunch stop over looking the beach at Anse Major.
On the beach. It was pretty quiet.
On the way back we got hit by a big rainstorm. We got very wet, but it was still warm.