Saturday, December 31, 2011

Yule Yomp IV

This Years Yule Yomp was on New Years Eve. Eight Houses, Eight Drinks, Eight Snacks, Eight Miles (ish) and Party into the night. Brilliant. Here's the Squad... Joe, Karen and Lisa.
Great day brilliantly chaotically organised by Simon as usual.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Fellows Family Day

Fellows Family Day today. All 18 of us at Mum and Dad's house. George, Freddy, Will, Mary, Rachel, Lola, Nell, Mum, Lisa, Lily, Reggie, Julia, Peter, Iris, Karen, Joe, Danny and Dad. Everyone playing with Lisa's Fellows Family Trumps. Peter wants to know why he is slower than Freddy!
The kids camping in Dad's study. Lola, Joe, Reggie, Lily, Lisa, Nell and Iris.
Outside our house. Getting set for a walk round the pond. Peter, Me, Lily, Lisa, Joe, Julia, Iris, George and Lola.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Seaton Trams

I took the Tram to Seaton with Lisa and Joe today. Lisa was very pleased that it was the pink one. Joe is doing his impression of a tram?! Joe takes trams very seriously.
Seaton Beach. It's WINDY!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day in Lyme

Merry Christmas!!! This morning we went down to Charmouth to see the crazy fancy dress swimmers. We had a swift one in the Royal Oak in Charmouth before we headed back to Lyme for Christmas dinner. Finally the kids got to open their presents. Lisa was Santa.
Lisa was very pleased with her Hello Kitty Snowboarding pyjamas.
Joe playing with the rubbish bag of course?!?!?

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Snowboarding Morzine

Me and Jez managed to sneak off for a few days snowboarding in France the week before Christmas. Check out the video here.
We arrived in the village of Montriond, near Morzine, late on saturday night praying for snow.
The snow prayers worked. Chalet Beatrice was covered in a blanket of snow in the morning.
Last week there was no snow here. Now there is tuns!
That's me riding the fluffy white stuff off-piste from the Chaux Fleurie lift.
Plat Du Jour on a very Bon Jour! Me and Jez.
More powder riding in the afternoon. Here's Jezza in the Avoriaz Ski Area.
Back at the Chalet for tea and cakes (and 24 hour free bar!)
Next day and yet more snow. The view up the Ardent Valley from the Chalet.
Some English bloke messing about in the snow.
Back to our favourite lift. The Chaux Fleurie. Still not busy despite the great conditions.
Not sure if Jez is excited or if he needs to go to the little boys room.
Riding down towards the Argent Ski Area.

More Fellows Powder Action.

Lunch, and more top French scoff on the mountain...soup ummmmm.
Here is Jez sporting Hugh's old Spy goggles, his mum's Helly Hensen coat and the Dalai Lama's hat.
Never happier than when he's in the pub!
It's still snowing. Morzine Yeti.
We had a walk down into Morzine this evening. We had to cross a suspension bridge. Jez is scarred of heights. He's looking a bit tense. He did make it across.
We went to see the Morzine Penguins Ice Hockey team. Their star player is an English bloke playing called Colin Sheilds. They won. Allez Penguins.
First lift up the next day. That's me on a lift in Avoriaz.
Last few runs into Morzine on our last day and it's still snowing.
We stopped in Geneva on the way home to do a spot of Christmas shopping (until we realised how expensive it was!) Main shopping street with trams.
We climbed the Cathedral Bell Tower for a view of the city and the famous fountain.
Jez not shopping.
We flew home on Christmas Eve. What a brilliant trip. Let's do it again next year.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Preparations

Lisa decorating the tree... Joe snowboarding in the kitchen!
Lisa and Joe off to school. Very proud of the new Hello Kitty combo...