Sunday, December 29, 2019

Yule Yomp 2019

It's the Yule Yomp 2019 :-)
The route:
House 1: Paul and Debs.  Coffee & cake and Beer Pong...Go Tory...
House 2: Chalkie and Emma.  Some very nice craft beer, super soup and a tough movie quiz :-)
House 3: Rayner and Natalie. Awesome pasties and welly boot throwing...
Santa and his eleves scoffing pasties and drinking mulled cider... 
Going for the scatter gun approach on the welly boot throwing :-)
We walked round the pond....
And through Brook Meadow.  Joe is dressed for the weather as usual!
House 4: Lyz. Yummy hot dogs, fizzy gin and tearing paper shapes....behind your back!
Going crazy outside the Mill in Lumley :-)
It's a bit soggy round Lumley.  Joe is in disguise!
House 5: Giles and Roland.  A bit of rest and recuperation and a welcome drink :-) 
House 6: Danny and Karen. Naughty Nachos and the 'Who am I' quiz.
Some bloke in shorts reading out the answers...
House 7: The last house. Simon and Tory. Chilli, drinks and lots of fun and games :-) 
Another great yomp.  Cheers guys...  Happy New Year :-)